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Clear Mounte is dedicated to providing you with the best assortment of camping equipment to reach your fullest potential outdoors. Our products are carefully crafted by our experts with the best sourced materials available.


As adventurers, we understand the need for top of the line gear and supplies. With years of meticulous developing, modifying, and testing, we have now come up with the highest quality products worthy of beginners and experienced travellers. We strive to be an approachable and enthusiastic company that is accessible to everyone. More importantly, we want to be your partner and guide in planning your next outdoor adventure. 



We look for the highest quality, performance, and value when it comes to our gear. For you, we handpick only the best outdoor gear. We all know that technology evolves, and we do as well; one of our key beliefs is to stay current with the latest and best gear while not neglecting proven brands, technology, and value.


We've discovered the perfect blend of size, quality, style, and ease of use here in Clear Mounte!

Alex Green

A great mountaineering-inspired tent that is suitable for both bad weather and summer entertainment.

Lee Priston

I've tried different brands but once you go Clear Mounte, you're never going back.

John Doe

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